I get this a lot…potential clients come in…we have a chat…they leave…then they contact me once they’ve decided to file a bankruptcy case and they are wondering what they should tell those collectors that are constantly calling them. Here’s the answer….

As far as what info to give to creditors….once you’ve retained us you can let them know you are filing a bankruptcy case and that you’ve retained an attorney and then give them my name and tel. no. and that is really all you have to tell them. Legally they don’t have to stop trying to collect from you because you’ve hired an attorney. However, if they call here and we verify you’ve hired us to file a case for you they will leave you alone as long as the case gets filed within a reasonable period of time. Once the case is actually filed then that provision of the bankruptcy code known as the automatic stay arises and then they “legally” have to stop any collection activity or face sanctions from the court. The cite to that provision would be 11 USC 362 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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