Judgment 6509683XSmall (2)Judgments are not debts. Judgments are court orders that state that you owe someone some money. If a debt has been rendered to judgment status because someone sued you that doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t get rid of the debt for you in your bankruptcy case.

We almost always can. However the record of the judgment itself is not wiped out in the bankruptcy discharge even though the debt may be. This poses a problem down the road when you are attempting to get new credit as it still looks like you owe the money if the judgment is still of record. We can help with that.

Removing judgments are not part of the bankruptcy process. However, we can bring an action for you in state court after you have received a discharge on the debt in your bankruptcy case. This is a service that we perform for our clients who desire our help with this for an additional fee.

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