I was just at a National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys seminar in Colorado Springs this weekend. One of the conversations I had repeatedly over the course of the seminar was that bankruptcy attorneys all over the country are experiencing the same phenomenon……lenders are taking forever to foreclose.
In a situation with homeowner association dues continuing to accrue that the debtor is still liable for that can be a real problem. Besides that problem specific to townhomes/condos there is also the issue of utility bills still in the homeowners name, issues with liability if someone was injured on the property, etc.

There can be a plus side…namely living there with no payment (with the exception of homeowners association dues) if a person is still living there and waiting out the foreclosure. That can be a good option but for those that want to move on in short order the reluctance of a lender to foreclose can be a real problem.

I was speaking with a bright attorney in Indiana who is now bringing suit against mortgage lenders for failure to foreclose…the theory being that the debtors are being denied the benefit of their bankruptcy discharge considering that they are saddled with what once was an asset but is now a liability and they can’t get rid of it even though they filed their bankruptcy and were issued a discharge because the lender refuses to cooperate. Novel argument…makes a lot of sense. I see enough of these situations in my practice from time to time that I will be contemplating the same type of suit for my clients caught in that predicament.

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