credit_card_debt_attorney_apple valleyWhen you need a credit card debt attorney Apple Valley, MN, know this: attorney David Kingsbury has successfully negotiated settlements for many clients dealing with debt so they could restructure their finances instead of filing for bankruptcy.

If you don’t spend more than you have, you don’t go into debt. Unfortunately, many people do spend more they can afford, and when that happens, they can’t “pay off” their monthly credit card bill. Then, interest is charged, and down-the-line it’s very easy to accrue credit card debt to the point where a collection agency is sending letters in the mail and/or calling their phone to let them know they’re “in default.”

While credit card companies can file lawsuits and pursue borrowers for monies owed, litigation gets expensive. Many companies are open to the idea of “settling the account” for less than the borrower owes.

If and/or when you find yourself in the predicament of extreme credit card debt, rather than tackle this issue alone, consider hiring a credit card debt attorney Apple Valley. David Kingsbury is a professional attorney who has mastered the art of negotiation with creditors. His experience in these matters is meant to help reduce the amount of debt you have/reduce the amount of money you owe.

Once an attorney like David Kingsbury is working on your behalf, he contacts your creditors as well as any debt collection agencies involved with your accounts. This way, instead of you having to deal with them, you’ve got an objective third-party– your attorney– doing your debt negotiation.

It’s also a good idea to hire Kingsbury, your credit card debt attorney Apple Valley, because he can review your credit report for errors or mistakes as well as advise you on financial management so you get out of debt and stay out of debt. Call Kingsbury Law Offices when your looking for a credit card debt attorney Apple Valley at at 952-432-4388 if you’d like to know more about credit card debt settlements.