I follow a yahoo group where people filing bankruptcy post their comments. One such person recommend to another that they should rely on the attorneys secretary or receptionist. She has discovered that there is a reason we have a paid staff…we simply can’t attend to every administrative detail of a bankruptcy case. Rely on staff for administrative issues….legal questions should get directed to the attorney. Most attorneys are doing consults and attending hearings as well as other client matters during the day. My staff screens my calls pretty heavily and they get admonished when they get someone back to me who insists on “speaking with the attorney” and it turns out they want to know where parking is around the courthouse…that pretty much tears it for me. Yes…my clients pay me a fee..but that doesn’t mean 100% access all the time for every conceivable thing that comes up or every question they may have. My legal assistants are knowledgeable and experienced…more experienced than most of these “Johnny come lately” attorneys who just recently decided they should become bankruptcy attorneys since the economy is bad and they have a license to practice law. My 2 cents on that.